8 Ways To Get Your Hustle On!!!

Some real estate entrepreneurs make a lot of money by promising that you can “get rich in your sleep” or “make a billion dollars without lifting a finger” or such nonsense. Don’t fall for that BS.

Part of what I do here at The Flip King is inspire real estate investors to fearlessly roll up their sleeves and WORK. There’s nothing wrong with working… especially when you work for yourself and you’re building an empire and a legacy for your family. Don’t be afraid to hustle. It’s rewarding to put in a hard day’s work. (And the truth is, the “hard day’s work” is sometimes REALLY hard… and sometimes not that hard at all… but no one here is selling you a “get rich quick without doing any work” snake oil.)

If you are as serious about achieving your goals as I am about mine then you agree with the importance of HUSTLE as the key factor whether you achieve those goals. You know that ACTION out-performs good intentions every day of the week.

So, here are some ideas to get your hustle on…

  1. Get up earlier. Whatever time you’ve been setting your alarm clock for… set it for an hour earlier. Get up when you alarm clock goes off.
  2. Exercise in the morning. Want to make a massive difference in how well you hustle during the day? Work out in the morning. Go for a run (or at least a brisk walk) and get the blood moving.
  3. Read something inspiring or listen to an inspiring podcast in the morning while you head to the office or to your first meeting.
  4. Set daily goals. Chances are you are setting weekly outcome-oriented goals (such as: I want to have 2 houses under contract) but what you really need to do is set action-oriented goals (such as: I want to mail out 500 postcards each week). Then, raise the bar on your actions.
  5. Get healthy. Yes, you are already getting up earlier to work out (see point #2, above) but you need to get healthier. There is a direct correlation between how healthy you are and how much work you can do: when you are healthy, you can make decisions faster and you have more stamina to last the day. So pick your unhealthiest habit and drop it today.
  6. Try to outdo yourself. Get competitive with yourself and try to increase your actions every day. Even if you make small improvements—of just 2% a day, it doesn’t seem like much more each day but it has a cumulative effect, because your 2% increase tomorrow is on top of the 2% increase you made today.
  7. Learn. One of the best ways that I’ve ever improved my hustle is by finding other real estate entrepreneurs and spending time with them (including my mentor and some peers in a high level mastermind that I belong to). Every time I interact with these people I am inspired to hustle even harder.
  8. Look at your family. I love my family and I work hard FOR them! Every morning as I leave the house to head to the office I think of them because THEY are the reason that I do any of this. And in the past, whenever I’ve stopped hustling, it’s been because I didn’t keep my family at the forefront of my mind; and in the past, whenever I’ve stepped up my hustling, it’s been because my family has inspired me even more.

Want to achieve your goals – in real estate investing and in life? The best way to do it is to hustle harder than ever. Use these 8 strategies to help you hustle harder. (Hint: bookmark this post and revisit it regularly to build on your hustle.)

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