Starting and growing a real estate investing business isn’t easy. (Which is a good thing: if it were easy, everyone would be doing it). Chances are, you’ve got questions.

  • Maybe you’re starting out and don’t know what to do first.
  • Maybe you’re facing a hurdle you just can’t overcome.
  • Maybe you’ve been doing this for years but you’ve noticed changes in the marketplace and you’re not sure what to do about them.
  • Maybe business is great but you want even more.

Whether you need more buyers, more sellers, more deals, or more money, Joe Evangelisti, host of The Flip King Real Estate Radio can help.

Joe’s years of experience in every aspect of real estate means that he can help you zoom in on your questions, challenges, issues, and opportunities, and turn them into results… fast.

Joe is available for one-on-one consultations between 3pm and 5pm (EST) on Tuesdays. These can be purchased in 30 minute increments for $500 per 30 minutes.

Investors who work with Joe have found these half hour segments to be one of the most helpful and directly impactful investments they’ll make in their business. (This rate also ensures that you are financially motivated to act on the information we discuss).

And these calls even come with a guarantee: If you don’t feel that received strategies, motivation, and ideas that can help you double your consulting investment within 90 days, Joe will refund your money.

Aaron, an investor who does deals in Pennsylvania, says: “After just a couple of minutes on the phone with Joe and I’m totally pumped up and ready to grow my business. And by the end of the call, Joe shared some powerful strategies that I was able to immediately apply in my business. Joe is my first call for investing questions… and I’ll be contacting him again soon for even more help.

Smart real estate investors who want to start, grow, get unstuck, or skyrocket their businesses contact Joe for help and guidance.

Here’s what to do now:

  1. To get started, just fill out the form below.
  2. I’ll reply (usually within 24 hours, often less) to work out a time and the payment details.
  3. On that date and time, I’ll contact you at the telephone number you provide.

Note: All fees are non-refundable if you do not show up to the call.

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