Find Quality Time in Your Business [Ep 31]

As today’s episode of The Flip King CEO begins, Joe Evangelisti finds himself in a reflective mood. As he says, before sitting down to record, he had to attend a funeral that moment. And while many entrepreneurs and small business owners spend seven days a week trying to build their business and make a better life, often they don’t have the time to sit and enjoy their accomplishments. That time when you can take a breath, pat yourself on the back, that may never come. Or if it does come, then it’s so short-lived that you forget about it as you move to the next thing. On today’s episode, Joe talks about taking a moment to enjoy what you’re doing, and how far you’ve come, and if you haven’t done that in a while, you need to hear this.

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Define what quality time means to you

As Joe says on this episode of The Flip King CEO, no matter what level you’re at right now, whether you’re working an hourly job or you’ve made your first million, you’re always going to struggle with how to find quality time with your family, or extra time for something you want to do. He tells a story about a multi-millionaire at a recent mastermind group who, despite being semi-retired, was still struggling with what quality time means for him and his family. We have to define what “quality time” or “enjoyment” of your time means, and then go after that. And that’s what Joe tackles in this episode.

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Finding quality time in your business

This may seem somewhat counterintuitive, but you need to schedule opportunities to stop, enjoy and reflect. One way to do that is to conduct reviews with your employees. On this episode of The Flip King CEO, Joe says this is the number one thing he sees CEOs missing out on as they try to improve their business. Stopping and asking good questions and enjoying the company of the people in your company is so important. You may think your employees are afraid of getting a review, but the fact is that a review should be a positive thing. It should be an opportunity for your employee to speak their mind, and learn and grow. And then that becomes an opportunity for you to reflect, as well.

If your employees dread their reviews, you’re doing it wrong. It should be a time for you to connect and reflect together. #FlipKingCEO

Schedule leadership activities

You need to schedule activities that will help you and your leadership grow. That can be something as simple as watching visionary videos, or as intensive as going on a retreat. But you need to check in with your leadership team to see where they think the company needs to grow, and where they need to grow. Trainings are a great way to inject some enjoyment into your work and help your employees. And then finally, the last tip Joe supplies, is scheduling high-level meetings with people who can help your business grow. All of this means you have to actually schedule these activities, and on this episode of The Flip King CEO, Joe provides some tips on how to do just that.

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If you are getting worked by your schedule, fix it

As Joe says on this episode of the Flip King CEO, if you’re not working your schedule, you need to fix it. You may be used to using your Google Calendar for work, but you need to apply the same principles to your life at home. Block time for your family, block time for your significant other. Prioritize it and treat it the same way you would a business meeting. It can just be an hour or a half hour, but it will have a huge impact. As Joe says, “fires put themselves out,” and it’s important to unplug now and again to spend time with your family. Joe finishes up the episode talking about how to “enjoy every step” in your business and in your life, and you’ll want to tune in to hear his advice.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [5:52] Why you should enjoy the moment
  • [9:15] Define quality time
  • [10:20] Enjoying your business
  • [12:10] Schedule leadership activities
  • [16:00] There’s no such thing as being “too busy”
  • [25:00] How to find enjoyment
  • [30:30] Get your body and mind aligned

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