How to land your first deal! – Episode one of The Flip King Real Estate Radio! – Podcast episode 1

Welcome to the Flip King Real Estate Radio podcast with Joe Evangelisti.

New podcast iconJoe is a seasoned real estate investor who knows how to make deals happen… and in this podcast he’s going to take you step by step through the process of investing in real estate so that YOU can do the same kind of deals that he does day after day.

In this episode Joe takes a little bit of time to tell you about his background: from construction alongside his dad, to being a builder in the U.S. Navy as a Seabee, all the way to becoming a real estate agent and investor. He’s learned a can-do attitude in all those roles, and bought his first property in 2007. It was a fix and flip that he did on the side while he was working a full time job. It was a 60 year old home and he did everything to rebuild and renovate the home in 12 weeks. It was great experience, but Joe quickly discovered that it wasn’t something he could scale to any degree, so he and his partner worked to figure out a way to do things differently the next time. Since that time Joe has flipped hundreds of homes along with running his ReMax office in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

Landing your first real estate investing deal

It’s all about getting off the fence. It will take courage and confidence, but you can do it. The first deal is what breaks you into the business and gets you started. You need to figure out what holds you back. Money is a primary issue. Time is another barrier. How do you find the deals, and how do you analyze situations to see if they are the right deal for you. Finally, how are you going to sell the property once you find it? Or do you want to be a landlord and use it as a rental property? Those are the things Joe covers in this episode of the Flip King podcast.

In this episode of the Flip King:

  • Who is Joe Evangelisti?
  • Addressing the barriers to getting into your first real estate deal
  • You need money – where does it come from?
  • How much time should you expect to invest in this business? Where do find the time you need to get involved in real estate investing?
  • How do you find deals?
  • The renovation formula for rehabbing properties.

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