How to Raise Private Money with Ray Gonzalez [Ep 33]

This week on The Flip King CEO, Joe Evangelisti welcomes Ray Gonzalez, a friend from many Mastermind groups, to talk about raising private money. Ray tells Joe about how he raised $110,000 just from one phone call before coming on the show. And as he says, it’s not about the opportunity so much as it is about the person. Ray says not one lender has ever lost a dime when putting money into one of Ray’s projects, and so making the lender feel like they know, like and trust you can make all the difference. And of course, doing right by them, as well. Ray is a goldmine for this type of information, and if you’re looking to raise a little capital, you have to listen to this episode.

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When it comes to private money, play the long game

So much of what Ray says on this episode of The Flip King CEO is so important for anyone at any stage of the game to hear. But if there’s one big takeaway, it’s this: Play the long game. Make the right deal for the lender. Don’t try to nickel and dime them, make a deal that is a win-win for both sides, and they’ll come back to you again. You need to learn the people who are investing with you, learn what makes them tick and what they want so that you can build a good relationship for both of you. And you need to have the mindset, as Joe says, of protecting that private money like it’s your children.

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How to make more money in less time

After talking with Ray about raising money, Joe shifted the conversation to how you can make more money in your business. As Ray says, you need to find and focus on your unique ability. There are all sorts of business advisors and mentors that you’ll listen to, but if you try to copy them, it’ll never work. You need to take the lessons you learn and apply them to your unique abilities. And it’s not just about making more, it’s about doing less to make more. You have to become more efficient. And again, as Ray says, it all starts with mindset. If you’re looking around and wondering how to take that next step, you have to hear what Ray has to say on this week’s episode of The Flip King CEO.

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Be smart about your taxes

Ask anyone about their taxes, and you’ll notice a pattern: They’re reacting. It’s so easy to think about taxes as something that happens at the end of a quarter or after a transaction. But what Ray really emphasizes on this episode of The Flip King CEO is having a tax plan. And if you think there’s no way for you to grow your wealth without leaving buckets of money for the tax man, you need to listen to this episode. Ray walks Joe through how to use certain accounts to grow your wealth and invest in your future tax-free. It’s powerful stuff.

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How to multiply and grow

Everyone wants to grow their business and grow their wealth. But how do you actually do that? How do you add to your team, or step up from where you are now? Ray drops so much knowledge in this week’s episode, from raising private money to being more efficient, to understanding the ins and outs of the tax system. All of these add up to growing and opening up more of your time. This episode of The Flip King CEO is a bit of a Swiss Army knife with tons of great advice in all of the areas you’re thinking about right now.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [3:50] How to raise private money
  • [6:15] The mentality of raising private money
  • [9:35] Making more in less time
  • [13:07] Being smart about your taxes
  • [16:40] How to grow your wealth

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