If Things Are Going Really Well For You…BEWARE Of This Hidden Danger

Keep your foot on the gasSuccess. We all measure it differently.

Some real estate entrepreneurs, for example, might measure it by the number of houses they have under contract each month, or the number of “doors” that they own that are rented, or the amount of money that their company has generated from wholesaling to cash buyers, or maybe a dollar amount sitting in their bank account or the type of car sitting in their driveway.

Whatever you measure as success for you… there’s a potential hidden danger that you might not realize if you achieve success. When things are going really well for you, are you aware of this hidden danger?

I’m talking about taking your foot off the gas. A lot of people do it. They hit their goal (whatever goal that might be) and then they coast. They enjoy their success. They say, “I’ve earned it.” They go treat themselves to the fancy car and the fun toys and the bigger house.

… and don’t get me wrong, there’s NOTHING WRONG with rewarding yourself after you’ve earned it. But my concern that I see in a lot of real estate entrepreneurs is that they hit their numbers and then slow down.

What I’d rather see is the same thing I try to model in my own life: when I hit my numbers I celebrate but then I get back out there and double-down on my hustle. I don’t just want to hit my numbers, I want to blow past them and see them in my rearview mirror because I’m rapidly gaining on even bigger numbers and even higher goals.

Whether you have achieved what you want to achieve or you are on the way, here’s what I want you to remember:

Achieving your goals should not be an end-state or the start of a plateau. Rather, it should be an inspiration and a motivation to set even higher numbers and to work even harder.

  • Set multiple goals that ascend upward, so that as soon as you achieve one, you can set your sites on the next
  • Give yourself a reward for each goal achieved but be careful with setting goal like “take time off” or “go on vacation”. Those are great but I prefer not to do that because when I hit my goal I’m fired up and I want to leverage that excitement into higher levels of activity
  • Remember that the actions you performed to get you to your first goal may not be enough to get you to your higher goal, so once you achieve your first goal consider what you have to increase in your daily activities to get to the next one

For some people, success is a plateau and once they reach their success, they flatline because they’ve achieved what they were working toward. For me (and hopefully for you), success should be a rung on a ladder—something you pass as you level up.

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