Podcast 23: The 90 Day Goal Setting Plan and The Courage You Need for The New Year

One of the most common places that potential real estate investors get hung up is on the issue of courage. They have the desire to get started making significant income through investing, property flipping, or wholesaling, but in the end the fear is bigger and stronger than their desire for a better life. They let the doubts, negative voices, and difficulties become obstacles rather than turning them into opportunities. Because of that reality, Joe felt like it would be fitting to talk to you about courage on this episode. With the new year right around the corner, you’ve got the opportunity to make some big changes in your own bottom line and change your life and the life of your family. Whether or not you’ll do it, comes down to courage.

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Why is Courage such an important quality for a Real Estate Investor to have?

Simply because there are many points along the way that you can get talked out of moving forward. When it’s time to approach a potential investor you might feel timid or uncertain. That’s the time for courage. When it’s time to put your first offer on a property, you might be scared by the unknown. That’s the time for courage. When you have an opportunity that could turn out really big but are frightened by the “what ifs.” That’s the time for courage. Step after step requires that you swallow down the fear, set your jaw, and move ahead with wisdom. On this episode, Joe’s going to lead you in a couple of ways to think about the issue of courage.

Take a trip back in time to look at how courageous you’ve been.

When you look back at the business you’ve done over the past 12 months, what have been the situations that most required courage? Did you have it? Did you move ahead in spite of uncertainty or fear? If you did, what did you learn? If you didn’t, why didn’t you? What can you learn from it? Those questions and many more are what Joe Evagelisti is going to lead you through on this episode of The Flip King, to help you plan for a much better year this coming 12 months. You’re going to get a lot out of this short shot of encouragement, if you take the time to do what Joe’s suggesting.

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Forget your year-long goals. Cut it back to 90 days. Here’s why.

Sometimes the reason we don’t step forward in courage when it’s time to act is because we’ve given ourselves too much opportunity to step back. Yes, you’ve given yourself the opportunity. How? By setting your goal too far into the future. You know that the step before you is one of the essential things you’ll need to do in order to reach that goal, but it seems so far away there’s no sense of urgency pushing you to act. That’s why Joe suggests that you set 90 day goals. Don’t look much further than that. It will provide you a sense of urgency that you have to act NOW to get to the goal you’re striving toward. That’s just one aspect of why 90 day goal setting is important. You’re going to get even more on this episode.

Look at the next 90 days and set some courageous goals.

Where do you want to be in your real estate business 90 days from now? Financially, in terms of funding, number of deals you’re actively working, number of contractors or employees you’ve been able to add to your team? Those and thousands of other items are options that are on the table, but you’ve got to decide what you need most in your business over the next 90 days and start setting goals and making plans. If you don’t, you’ll get more of what you’re seeing right now. If you do, you’ll move forward, advancing the success of your team and business, and building the lifestyle and legacy you want. Your friend and mentor, Joe Evangelisti has something to say to you about that on this episode. Don’t miss it.

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  • [0:43] Joe’s intro to this episode: COURAGE.
  • [1:02] Why COURAGE is one of the main things you need as a Real Estate Investor.
  • [2:05] What it means to take calculated risks.
  • [3:37] Why to create 90 day business plans.
  • [4:30] Evaluating the last year: What caused you to be courageous?
  • [6:41] Consider the opportunities you may have missed because you didn’t act courageously.
  • [9:00] Some things that took courage for Joe this past year.
  • [10:28] What can you do to crank it up in the next year?


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