Podcast 24: Quitters, Failure, and Pushing Through to the Next Level

What’s going on guys and gals, this is Joe Evangelisti from the Flip King, Real Estate Radio. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve set aside the time to chat with you and it’s all because business is rocking so hard! My team is ramping up for one of the best years ever and it’s already begun. But as I was driving this week I had some thoughts so I hit “record” and started talking to you (that’s why the audio quality is not the best). What do you do when you want to quit? What can you do? That’s what this episode of the Flip King is all about.

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Where does the desire to quit come from?

You’ve been there… something goes wrong, something didn’t work out the way you planned, and inside of you something begins to rise up. It’s a fear, a doubt, an uncertainty that pushes you to reconsider whether you’re doing the right thing at all. And you want to quit. Where does that feeling come from? For lots of people it comes from the way they were raised… maybe they never had anyone who believed in them to encourage them forward. For others, it’s a bad habit, something they’ve felt and followed all of their lives. But I’m here today to help you discover how to push through those feelings and reach your greatest levels of success… all on this episode.

What’s the absolute worst that could happen?

One of the most helpful things I’ve discovered about fighting the fears that rise up inside my chest is the comparison of two possible outcomes. First, I ask myself what is the absolute worst thing that could happen in the situation. I write that down. Then I ask myself, what’s the very best, amazing thing that could happen? Then, I write that down. Then my only job is to sit back, compare the two answers, and ask myself which one I’d prefer. Then I have to remind myself that reality is likely not going to be either one, so which one would I rather be heading toward? Do you see how it works? Find out more of how I use this 2 question tool, on this episode.

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One of the best ways to get yourself moving forward when you want to quit.

If that feeling of fear and self doubt that’s always plagued you is something you can’t seem to shake then you’ve got to do something to shake yourself out of it. You can’t continue on doing the same things you’ve always done to battle it. If you do, you’ll wind up in the same paralyzed place you’ve always wound up. That’s why you need to surround yourself with others who are on the same road as you, people who can see your fear for what it is, call it for what it is, and kick you forward when you need it. I’ve got an opportunity for you to be in a group like that, and you can find out more details about how to be a part of it, on this episode of the Flip King.

Surround yourself with high level failures.

I’ve discovered that one of the things I need in my life, one of the things that moves me forward in life and business more than any other resource, is a group of high level failures. That may sound strange, so let me explain. I want to be part of a group of people who have failed in life, people who know what it tastes like and hate it. I want to be among people who have been there, done that, got the T-shirt, then moved forward again. Those kind of people are the ones who have finally pushed through to success and can help me push past my own fear of failure and temptations to quit and become a success myself. You can join a group of us who are coming together for that express purpose, coming up soon. Find out how on this episode.

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  • [1:15] Joe’s welcome to this episode of the Flip King.
  • [2:25] The reasons behind the feeling that you want to quit.
  • [3:30] It’s the people who push through to the next level who finally succeed.
  • [4:45] What’s the very worst that could happen? What’s the very best?
  • [8:00] Why I want to get involved with more high level quitters.
  • [9:42] Your invitation to Joe’s next “hot seat” event.
  • [12:20] The hot seat will equip you to ramp up your business in the next 6 months.


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