The Surprising Problem Facing Real Estate Investors Today – This Is Probably Holding YOU Back

Courage in real estate investingAre you frustrated because you’re held back from achieving the next level in your real estate investing?

Maybe you’re a total newbie who hasn’t yet found a deal to move forward on. Maybe you’ve been in the business a while and have done a bunch of deals but are not able to scale up. To most people these would be two separate problems for two investors in very different circumstances. But I know for a fact that these to investors are experiencing the same problem.

And if you are facing any problem at all in your investing business, you are probably experiencing the problem too.

The problem is: a lack of courage.

That’s going to be a gut punch for some people reading this because they might think they’re courageous. Some of you will be angry with me for saying such a bold statement. But it’s the truth. Here’s why…

When you face a problem, you have only two choices: you can move forward toward a solution or you don’t. The same is true for advancing to the next level: you can move forward to grow or you don’t. Moving forward toward a solution or growth creates the solution and gets you to the next level; if you have a persistent problem or if you have been stuck in one place for a while, it’s probably because you lack courage.

Courage pushes you forward when everyone else is held back by fear. Courage gives you action in the face of the unknown. Courage helps you take on step and then another and then another even when all others around you are fleeing.

  • If you are a newbie investor who has struggled to find deals, you might think it has something to do with your market having too few deals. But it’s really because you lack the courage to think bigger, to try different things, to look beyond your market to other places in the state, in the country, or even in the world where you can invest.
  • If you are an experienced investor who has struggled to get to the next level, you might think it has something to do with external forces or extreme competition holding you back. But it’s really because you lack the courage to push harder, to invest more, to risk more, to expose yourself to haters and naysayers, or boldly step out into new areas that you haven’t done before.

Sure there will be other factors that impact your success and growth as an investor. However, courage is the superpower that can blast through or move around those obstacles to create even greater growth and achievement than you thought possible.

If you want to be in a different place than you are now, become courageous.

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