Which One Of These Investors Are You? (RANT)

I get to meet a lot of investors and real estate entrepreneurs. And in my experience, many of them typically fall into two camps:

  •         Those who invest in themselves
  •         Those who try to get all the free info they can but don’t want to invest in themselves

Let me explain…

There are investors who realize that their knowledge and skills are an asset, and so (like all assets) they invest to improve it. This includes investing money and time to hone that knowledge and those skills, diving deep into each strategy to learn it well so that they can enter the market and make smarter, faster decisions and do more deals.

Unfortunately, there are many more investors who choose not to invest in themselves. They subscribe to all the gurus’ emails, they download every free ebook, they read every blog post. And yes, they hone SOME knowledge and SOME skill but it’s rarely enough. Usually they flit like a hummingbird from one piece of free info to the next, never stopping to dive deep into one strategy and then execute on it.

Ironically, the investors who choose not to invest in themselves are the same ones can’t figure out why they struggle to get cash buyers to invest with them.

Hmmm… let’s think about this for a second: you’re not willing to invest a single cent in yourself… so why would anyone else want to invest where you won’t?

Investing In Yourself Does Three Things:

First, it usually helps you get past the surface detail to dig into the deeper strategies and ideas that are behind the curtain.

Second, it raises the stakes of what you are learning by making the information more valuable; by putting some skin in the game.

Third, is changes your mindset, which changes your attitude, which can inspire how other people see you and invest in you. Simply put, even if you never TELL them that you invest in yourself, cash buyers are more likely going to invest in people who already invest in themselves. Cash buyers can tell the difference.

So, Which Kind Of Investor Are You?

Are you an investor who invests in yourself? How much? When was the last time? Do you do so regularly?

Or are you an investor who chooses not to invest financially in yourself? Why? How can you expect others to invest in you if you don’t invest in yourself?

Addressing The Elephant In The Room

Someone is going to read this post and think, “well I would invest in myself if I could but I don’t have the money.”

Here’s the wake-up call: You don’t need a lot of money to get started. But I’ve learned that the more you are willing to invest in yourself, the better. Even if you have to make some sacrifices in the early days… perhaps forgo the latest iPhone and use the one you currently have (it still works fine, right?); perhaps forgo buying the Cadillac until you’ve made enough money that you can pay cash for it (a cheaper used car still gets you from point A to point B, right?); perhaps cut your cable and stop watching TV so you can spend your new-found free-time to build your real estate empire.


Which kind of investor are you? I urge you: whatever level you are currently investing in yourself, increase it!

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