Why Investing In Yourself is the Key to Business Success (and How To Do it Right) [Ep 27]

There are a lot of people out in the business communities these days whos are talking about investing in yourself. But what does that phrase really mean? If you don’t understand it you won’t do it, and if you won’t do it, success is going to be impossible for you to achieve. On this episode of The Flip King CEO, Joe explains what it really means to invest in yourself, why it is so important, and how sometimes it requires a risk in order to achieve. But in the end, the results are worth it. You don’t want to miss this motivating episode.

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Investing in yourself is more important than anything else for the success of your small business

It’s not uncommon to see business owners or entrepreneurs who are actually making money but are wasting much of their financial success on things that don’t matter. They buy fancy business cards, they wrap their cars with advertising, they get fancy clothes and lease a big office, when what they really need to do is to build the intellectual muscle it takes to grow and scale their business to an even greater degree. That requires a different kind of mindset, one that focuses on scale rather than scarcity. Listen to this episode as Joe walks through the reasons small businesses fail and how your business can avoid being one of those statistics. It all starts with you.

Focus on scale, not scarcity to change the trajectory of your life

The pains that come with owning and operating a small business are many. The statistics come out every month that tell how many small businesses fail within the first 3 to 7 years. But that kind of crash doesn’t have to happen to you, not if you’re willing to grow and invest in yourself in ways that will truly change the trajectory of your life. What do you need to do? You need to focus on scale, not scarcity, and that is a mindset issue. If that sounds like Greek to you, Joe unpacks what it means and tells you how to get started on that new track, on this episode of the flip King CEO. Don’t miss it.

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Scale starts with people leverage: it multiplies your efforts, impact, and profits

When we talk about scaling a business, we are talking about establishing the routines and systems that keep the business running without it all depending on one person, which is typically the business owner. That sort of scale doesn’t start with systems. It doesn’t start with procedures and policies. It starts with people. On this episode, Joe introduces the concept of leveraging people, what it means to the success of your business, and how it is done through developing a team culture. You won’t want to miss these practical tips and learn how you can start to think outside your normal perspective, build a true business, and see greater levels of success in your business as a result.

Self-employed people lie to themselves all the time. Joe is going to tell you some of the big ways it happens

Many people who run their own businesses are fooling themselves when it comes to the kind of success they are really achieving. They think that because they have cash flow coming in, they have the breathing room needed to splurge on things that are more about their ego than they are about their success. They lie to themselves in a number of ways, and it all begins with telling themselves that they are a success when what they really need to do is continue growing personally. Joe calls it investing in yourself, and it’s one of the main things you need to do in order to reach the levels of success that are possible. Listen to this episode to learn more, and get ready to move in a different direction, the direction of your true success.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [1:36] The real pain of being self employed
  • [4:28] Why do small businesses fail?
  • [6:35] The first thing you should be investing in to drive your success
  • [10:54] The ways self employed people lie to themselves
  • [15:56] The solution to small business failure is scale, not scarcity
  • [14:10] Begin scaling by leveraging people
  • [27:32] Learn how to build business leverage through ancillary offerings
  • [31:50] The upcoming event and how you can get involved

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